Om Jha

Om Jha

Design Engineer in Atlanta, He/Him





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Navigation, discovery, and schedules in a single interaction, for any MARTA station

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Atlanta, GA
  • Personal Health platform integrating EHR, OCR, and PDF import of lab data to derive coherent insights and educate

  • Developed HIPPA-eligible, highly scalable platform on Next.js/Express, winning several demo awards

  • Conducted and converted user research into branding and product development

2023 — Now
Atlanta, GA
  • Scaled the design team, enhancing web experiences and marketing strategies.

  • Collaborated with startups, accelerators, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Developed brand identities for major international events, including XR and AI hackathons.

2019 — 2023
Bethesda, MD
  • Crafted brand identity and marketing strategies, leading to thousands of subscribers.

  • Designed and scaled initial website, supporting a large user base.

  • Collaborated with an international team to expand the brand and marketing efforts.

2020 — 2022
Bethesda, MD
  • Invented the Virtual Newsroom System Patent.

  • Transitioned the project to a global team, ensuring future development.

2021 — 2022
Atlanta, GA
  • Conducted rigorous experience research at Woodruff Park.

  • Presented community needs and solutions to the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District.

2022 — 2022
Arlington, VA
  • Enhanced customer experience for Fortune 500 clients with new visualization modes.

  • Reacted quickly to developing supply chain emergencies.

  • Worked with Figma, Next.js/React, and legacy systems.